Beginning at the ground level, V. Todd & Company serves as a resource for both the client and the architect creating a team of carpenters, tradesman, and artisans working together on a project to ensure every detail is addressed and carefully crafted. Their projects, inspired by their clients' vision, are exceptional and elaborately tailored homes, be it a zero energy, shingle-style or minimally modern home, V. Todd & Company executes the intention of that design via a streamlined building experience of open communication, cooperation and fine construction. 

To eat and shop locally makes sense for a whole variety of reasons, building locally has enormous merits as well. At V. Todd & Company this is not a new practice or some hip trend to chase, we have been building locally since our inception as a company 29 years ago. It makes environmental and economical sense and it is how work gets done with us. We use local lumber, work with local architects, local designers, our custom trims are produced locally and our sub-contractors eat, sleep and raise a family all nearby. If you look about as we did on our map, by building locally our work has given us another type of footprint: a solid footprint in our community. 

At V. Todd & Company we are green and we have been green way before it was cool.  When action feels more urgent than ever, it might be best to show our vive. We have experience with geothermal, solar, super insulation, smart house systems. We have long, strong relationships with native wood sources, small mills. We work with some of the best energy experts in residential construction today. But that is not enough, as there are two other components to green: local and less. Historical architecture by definition has been about taking the best of what is available in design and materials and using that prudently to create welcoming, lasting spaces. For over two decades now, V. Todd & Company has build the sorts of places we also strive to live in, utilizing the best of modern construction for timeless architecture.